Strength Training Part 2

I'll keep this post  short and sweet!
Hopefully you enjoyed the workout from the previous email a couple weeks back.  If you have, then you probably have already mastered the routine and gotten bored with it.  Not to fret!!! Here is another great strength workout for the pre-season PREP phase.

I use the word PREP because we as endurance athletes need to prepare our bodies for lifting heavy weights this winter (Lifting HEAVY will produce significant results in your Bike and Run splits). The following workout is intended to wake up the body and begin to teach and acclimate it to a variety of strength movements.  It will also start the process of building up your muscular work capacity.  As well as begin activating and strengthening the smaller stabilizer muscles.

NOTE: If you are not familiar or have not been properly trained on how to execute a Kettle Bell Swing and or Squat, PLEASE do so from a professional before attempting this workout!!

No need to add intensity. Simply focusing on FORM and executing this workout with a sense of urgency will work effectively.

Warm Up: x 3 Sets
Jumping Jacks X 30, Body Weight Squats X 10
Push Ups x 5
Stretch: x 5 each side or 10 total
Knee Hugs, Single Leg Romanian Dead Lift, Arm Circles, Hip Bridge, Back Roll, Bird Dog, Thoracic Spine Rotation, Frankenstein Kicks, Scorpion
Main Set:
3 sets of 8 Reps
Kettlebell Swings...start light
Diamond Push Up
Kettlebell Goblet Squat
TRX or Resistance Band Row
Core: x 2 Sets
Plank :30
Flutter Kick :30
Side Plank :30
Supermans :30

Side Plank :30
***You can do this routine 2 or 3 times a week.

Cheers and Rubber Side Down,