Strength in the "OFF" Season

We refer to this time of year as the OFF season, instead I prefer to think of it as PRE-Season.   This is the time to make sure we get the adequate rest and recovery our body and mind need.  The preseason is also the time of year to Build our Base, Improve Strength and Resolve Muscle Imbalances ensuring a solid foundation of fitness to take into the 2016 Race Season.

Assuming you have taken a solid two weeks off from structured workouts to refresh the body and mind, its time to begin building a strong, injury resistant body with proper strength training.

Let me assure you, I am not talking about bulking up or spending countless hours in the gym on some fancy new piece of equipment.  I am talking about highly functional strength movements that will translate directly to your sport specific performance later down the line. This can be achieved with 2 or 3, 30-60 minute routines weekly.

Some of the Benefits of STRENGTH TRAINING:

  • Increase Bone Density
  • Injury Prevention
  • Increase Bone Density
  • Increased Power
  • Weight and Body Composition Control
  • Increased Muscular Endurance

Before you get into lifting Heavy Weights with Few reps (which you will need to do), you need to establish a base of fitness and muscular balance.  This prep phase is easily achieved in about 4-6 weeks.  Some tips for this prep phase:
***Use resistance training to offset and resolve muscle imbalance
***Focus on all around general strength fitness.  Front and back as well as lower and upper body
***Solid core, utilizing isometric, twisting and rotational movements
***Higher reps with body weight and/or lower weights to build your muscular work capacity

"No Junk Miles" applies to strength as well.  You do NOT need massive volume and weight loads to gain HUGE sport specific strength fitness.

Start SLOW and LOW.  Focusing on form and technique, while using only body weight at first.  This step will help to ensure as the weight increases you are working in an effective, efficient and safe manner.

Here is a workout to help get you started.

Warm Up #1....X 3 sets
Jumping Jacks X 30, Body Weight Squats x 5, Reverse Lunge with Over Head Stretch X 5 each leg
Warm Up #2...5 each side or 10 total reps
Knee Hugs, Quad stretch, Frankenstein Kicks, Arm Circles, T-Spine rotation, Bird Dog, Back Roll
Main Set x 2Rounds
Use the :40 seconds work with :20 seconds recovery model. Ex. Wall squat for :40, recover and move to next station in :20. Then :40 side plank...etc

Static Wall Squat...try to keep upper legs parallel to ground
Side Plank Hip side on each round
Good Mornings...Focus on firing the Hamstrings, Glutes and Back
Push Up....chest to ground

Cool Down:
Reverse Lunge with Over Head Stretch x 5 each leg
Scorpion stretch x 5 Each Leg
Squat Circles x 10 each direction

Cheers, Coach Wes